Westport Island, Maine
The Westport Island Webcam is located
on Westport Island, Maine. The camera's
actual location is approximately 1 mile
south of the Westport Bridge, on the west
side of the island. The area around the
Westport Bridge is known as Cowseagan
Narrows. South of Cowseagan Narrows is a
bay called Montsweag Bay. The camera is
located on the north end of Montsweag Bay.
The area is refered to as the Back River.
The camera points almost straight north.
Going south Montsweag Bay connects to
Hockomock Bay and then to Knubble Bay. The
entrance to these bays from the north is
through Cowseagan Narrows and from the south
through Goose Rock Passage Because of the
large volume of that can be stored in
Montsweag, Hockomock and Knubble Bays and
the fact that Cowseagan Narrows and Goose
Rock Passage are very narrow entrances and
exits, the tidal currents through Cowseagan
and Goose Rocks and be very substantial. These
currents are often in the range of 7 knots.
With the of large volume of water stored in
the bays during the regular tidal flows, the
currents through Cowseagan Narrows actual
flows in opposite direction to what one would
expect. On the camera if you see the tidal flow
flowing to the north (to the right side of the
picture) the tide is actually flowing out. The
open ocean is to the south. The local fisherman
actually lobster in the waters viewed by the.
camera and from time to time you will see
lobster boats.
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